The family tree of
Ernest George Barlow
Alice Eleanor Sutherland Barlow
traced from its origins in Australia.
compiled by
Ross Barlow and his sister-in-law
Val Barlow
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    1804 - 1870
William Capstaff, born about 1720 in England married Mary Hunter b. abt 1720 had a daughter Margaret b. 1744 who married Adam Donnison b. abt. 1745 at St John's, Newcastle, Northumberland, England on February 4, 1769.

This union saw the birth of Elizabeth Donnison b. abt. 12th April 1772.  Elizabeth's first husband was John Reed (b. 1768). It is noted in the Gateshead Registers 1780-1799 that they married at Gateshead, Durham on March 26 1796. Their son, Adam Reed was born on February 28, 1804 in Newcastle England..

On April 21st 1804, Elizabeth then married Thomas Barlow (b. 1768) at All Saints Newcastle Northumberland.  This event took place a few months after the birth of Elizabeth & John Reed's son Adam (Reed) .
Following the marriage of Elizabeth to Thomas Barlow, Adam  was to be known for the rest of his life as Adam BARLOW. This is where the story begins.

ADAM BARLOW was born to John and Elizabeth Reed (nee Donnison) in County Durham, England on Feb 28, 1804. He subsequently died in New South Wales on the 23rd January 1870 at Lake Bathurst. He was buried in the Catholic Cemetery at Ryan's Vale now part of the property known as "Springfield" on the Braidwood Road near Goulburn.

He had several convictions at a very young age with his final conviction being at the age of seventeen for larceny. The hearing was in the Northumberland (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) Quarter Sessions on July 11, 1821. His sentence was to be served as a convict in Australia for seven years. At the time of his conviction he was employed as a 'smith.  Adam Barlow was of pale complexion and pock marked, he was five feet, one and three quarter inches tall, he had brown hair and grey eyes.

Having left London on 7th November 1821 on the "Shipley" (4), he arrived in Sydney some 124 days later, on 11th March 1822.  There were 150 males on board at the time of departure  with one person dying en route. The master of the "Shipley" was  Lew W. Moncrief and the surgeon was George S. Rutherford.

Contradicting his age of seventeen a Newcastle Court report dated Saturday July 14, 1821 stated that:-

"On Wednesday last, at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace of this town, Mary Ann Smith and Elizabeth Boucher alias Smith, for stealing wearing apparel, and ADAM BARLOW, aged fourteen years, all notorious offenders were sentenced to be transported for seven years".

Documentation collected in June 1997 from the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society, Bolbeck Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne revealed the following:-


From accession No. 540/7 Tyne and Wear Archives Department. Blandford Square Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Extracted by Fred Furness.  Name: Adam Barlow crime: Petit larceny trans for: Seven Years Date: 11th July, 1821.Also at the Northumberland and Durham Family History Society another document was obtained which states as follows:-

p.9. "BARLOW Adam (labourer). Petit larceny. 3 months hard labour. See also CARR William and SCOTT William. Prosecutor ALLAN John. 12 Jany 1820. p   66."

p.10. "BARLOW Adam cont. Indictment for larceny. 2nd May 1821. p.134. (labourer) Petit larceny. 7 years transportation. Prosecutors CROWTHER Susannah & MORRIS Stephen Robinson. 11th July 1821. p.140". "CARR William. Petit larceny. Not guilty - discharged. See also SCOTT  William and BARLOW Adam. Prosecutor ALLAN John. 12th Jany 1820  p.66".
"SCOTT William. Petit larceny. Not guilty - discharged. See also BARLOW  Adam and CARR William. Prosecutor ALLAN John 12 Jany 1820. p. 66".

Further enquiries were made in relation to Adam Barlow's conviction and the Tyne and Wear Archives in a letter dated 29th July 1997 addressed to Ross Barlow states that  "The quarter sessions order book TWAS ref QS/NC/1/9 includes entries for Adam Barlow as indexed by Fred Furness". The transcripts are as follows:-

540/9 p.140  QS / NC /1 /9

"Adam Barlow - Labourer having been indicted and convicted of Petit Larceny by him committed. It is ordered that he the said Adam Barlow be and he is hereby transported to such part or parts beyond the seas of His Majesty in council shall direct for the space or term of seven years and the Gaoler or keeper of His Majesty's Gaol in and for the said Town and County is hereby directed to receive the said offender into his custody in the said Gaol and to deliver him to such a Person or Persons as he shall by legal authority be directed and in the meantime to keep him safely in the said Gaol, and it is ordered that the Treasurer of the said Town or County do pay unto Susannah Crowther, widow and Stephen Robinson Morris the sum of three pounds twelve shillings and four pence for their Loss of Time, Trouble and Expenses in carrying on the said prosecution."

p.6612-1-1820 Adam Barlow, William Carr, William Scott - Labourers.
An Indictment having been found against them for petit larceny to which they severally plead not Guilty and upon their trial the said Adam Barlow being found guilty and the said William Carr and William Scott being found not guilty of the said offence. It is ordered that the said Adam Barlow be confined to hard labour in the house of correction in the said Town and County for the space of three calendar months and then being discharged. And that the said William Carr and William Scott be and they are  severally discharged. And it is also ordered that the Treasurers of the said Town and County do pay unto John Allen the sum of four pounds three shillings and ten pence for his loss of time, trouble and expense in carrying out  the said Prosecution".

One can see from this information that Adam Barlow began breaking the law at a very young age and did so on a number of occasions - enough to find himself deported to Australia.

In Australia at the age of 21 (?1828) he appeared in the census with the following information:-
NAME: Adam Barlow    AGE :21   VESSEL: "Shipley" (4)   YEAR:1821 (departure) OCCUPATION: Shepherd   EMPLOYER: G.L.Cooper, Currawong, Goulburn Plains Iron gang 10.

On 23rd June 1834 Adam Barlow, Bachelor of Goulburn Plains, free by servitude (having served a seven year sentence) married Catherine Riley (Reilly) 1810-1853, spinster of Goulburn Plains by banns. With consent of the Governor the marriage took place at All Saints Anglican Church, Sutton Forest. The witnesses were John and Margaret Beckett, both of Sutton Forest. The officiating minister was the Chaplain the Rev. John Vincent. As an Irish convict & Catholic, Catherine found priests in rural New South Wales were far and few and so she and Adam (an Anglican) chose to marry in the Anglican church Sutton Forest N.S.W.

They eventually moved to the Braidwood where they found a Catholic church. Records in the register held at St Bede's Catholic Church in Braidwood show that on 10th November 1856 in Araluen, Adam at the age of 52, converted to Catholicism.

More about Catherine. Note: So far  we have come across three ways of spelling her surname  which have appeared in various documents discovered. They being Riley, Reilly and Reily. Incorrect spelling of names and places were common practice in those days.

At 21 years of age, Catherine Reily , female convict, arrived in Sydney from Ireland  on the ship Hooghly (3) on September 27th 1831. She was 5ft 1inch tall, of pale, pock marked complexion with brown hair and grey eyes. She could neither read nor write. Her native place was Cavan, Ireland, where she was a kitchenmaid  Catherine was Roman Catholic. She was tried at Louth on March 10th, 1830 for stealing military clothes where she was found to be guilty and was subsequently sent to Sydney to serve a 7 year sentance.

Further handwritten sheets including a list of 184 females who embarked on the ship Hooghly (3) from Ireland with an account of their conduct during their embarkation arranged according to their numbers on the hulks list were discovered.

No 59 Catherine Reily:  conducted herself well and industriously. She was employed as 2nd nurse in the hospital during the voyage, the duties of which she performed attentively and faithfully.  The report was signed by P.J.Reeves Master of the Hooghley dated June 22nd 1831. It went on to say; I do hereby acknowledge to have received on board the ship Hooghley one hundred and eighty four female convicts to be conveyed to New South Wales. The names of said one hundred and eighty four prisoners with counties from whence sent.

Catherine was to die on September 30, 1853 at Jembaicumbene, near Braidwood NSW. One could presume that Catherine died at child birth because her death came some five days after the birth of her last child, James b. September 25, 1853 died the following year.  Adam & Catherine's union saw the birth of 8 children, four boys and four girls:-

Elizabeth Born:        25/11/1841
Baptised:  1842  St Saviours Church, Covan Creek
Married:    Jacob Henry Webb
Died:        1878
                           Issue    Peter   b  1858    d. 1858
                                       John     b. 1859,   Adam   b 1862
                                       Charles  b 186  -m- Elizabeth Ann Heffernan
Issue  Annetta -m- Leslie King
Issue  Allan Snell -m-Marjorie Saunderson
Issue  Belinda b 1978, Anthony b 1982
Issue  Jeremy b 1987
                          Issue  Cecil - m-  Elizabeth McCormack
                                                Issue: Brian (Tony) -b- 1943
                                                -m- Feliz Gonzales b. 1965
                                                 Issue: Reyna b. 1987, Sheena b 1988
                                                 Rebeccah b. 1994,   Bobbi-Jo  b. 1971
                                                           Issue: Darcy-b- 1938-d-1990
                                      Elizabeth    b     1866
                                      Jacobb     1868
                                      Michaelb      1869
                                      Thomas    b      1872
                                      Rachel     b      1875
                                      William     b      1877
                                      Isabella (Bella)  b 1878  d. 1878
                                      born :  18/07/1842  Baptised: 11/09/1842
                          Lake George - Covan Creek
                          Married: 6/6/1862  Dinah Taylor   b.1844  d.1931
                          Died:   21/03/1921  Braidwood
                          Michael   B:  25/04/1844  Baptised:  05/08/1844  
                          Bungonia - Lake Bathurst (bachelor) D: 02/05/1914 Parkes

Mary Ann            Born:        24/10/1846
                         Baptised:  19/11/1846      Bungonia -Lake Bathurst
                         Married:    Thomas Turner 1862
                         Died:        1870 - child birth (26yrs)
CatherineBorn:     1847
                         Baptised:  07/11/1847 Bungonia -Lake Bathurst
                         Married:    John Croke 1875
                         Died:        Unknown
ThomasBorn:   1849
   Baptised:  01/07/1849 Bungonia -Lake Bathurst
                          Married:    Unknown
                          Died:        1907 (Albury)
Isabella            Born:        21/08/1851      Lake Bathurst
                      Baptised:  29/08/1853      Catholic Church   Araluen
                      Married:    Samuel Cornwell     Goulburn
                      Died:        1887 - Fullerton   (buried)    Lagan
James              Born:        25/09/1853
                       Baptised: 27/09/1853 Catholic Church, Araluen                                                                               Died:        1854

The first born son of Adam and Catherine Barlow was also named Adam. His second Christian name was Donnison after the maiden name of his grandmother Elizabeth Donnison. Adam Donnison Barlow (1842-1921) married Dinah Taylor (1843-1931). They are buried in the Anglican section of the Old Braidwood cemetery.  Adam Donnison and his wife Dinah also had eight children, three girls and five boys:-

Adam Donnison Barlow-b-1842-d-1921 .
-m- Dinah Taylor -b- 1843-d-1911 buried at Braidwood NSW

Maria                 -b- 1865   -m-: Richard McDonald - 1889 -d-  1914
Matilda              -b-  Unknown -m-William Hanley  -d- 1905
Thomas             -b-  1870   bachelor   -d-1930  Goulburn
James                -b-  1872 -m- (1) Susan King                       

                               -m- (2) Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Hawes
                               -d-  30/05/1957
                               -d-  07/04/1949
                                      Issue:  Annie Josephine d.02/10/26 age 1
Eliza                   -b- 1875 -m- Thomas Chinnery 1894 -d- 1916

George -b- 1878 -m- 27/01/1904  b. 1886  Mary Ethel  Larcombe -d- 1951

Henry Oswald  (aka Harry)  -b- September 1881   Durran Durra   d 19/02/1952
                        -m- Maggie King  b:5/1886    d. 25/03/1949                
                       Issue:Josephine Oswalda Reynolds Barlow -b-1/8/1910
                                                                      -m- Alan Betts
                       Issue: Harrington (nee Basil King), Barry Betts -b-1941
                              Clarence -b- 1941, Kevin Christen -b- 28/9/1910 -d-14/4/1986
                              Judith Betts -b-1947
                              Jodie Radburn
                                   Issue:  Jake, Kane, Dylan, Catlyn, Jason Radburn,                        
Geraldine Margaret Mary Barlow d- 1915  -m- Jack Beer
                                   Issue: Noreen Beer, Greg Beer, Anne Beer           
Henry Oswald Reynolds Barlow (AKA Ossie Barlow -bachelor) -b-1923 -d-1987                                                                               

Raymond Joseph Barlow b: 29/4/1946 -m- Valda Worldon -b- 1929  -d- 1985                                                                                               -b- 1950 - m - Joseph Kopec -b-1945 - m- 1967
                                              Issue: Joseph Jnr -b-1968 -d- 2005 partner Louise
                                              Issue: Joshua -d-1989, Kyann - b -1997  Adam-b-1999,
                                                        -m- 1992 Kerrieanne Jennings -b- 1972
                                         Issue: Daniel, Stephen, Hayden,Jason -b-1974 m Megan
                                         Issue: Courtney, Brianna
               Pauline Barlow  B: 1951 -m-. David Kelly -b- 1946 (div 1986)
                                         Issue: Gail Kelly -b- 1970 -m-. John Houston -b-1970
                                         Issue :Nathan b1990,Luke b1994, Dyllan b1995,
                                                  Adam b1996, Hayley - b -1999
                                 Lynda Kelly - b -1972 -m-1995   Keiran Hearne (div 2000) -m- 2
                                 Grahame  Baily 2008 Issue:James Hearne - b- 1994, Emma Hearne                                                                    -b- 1995,   Jessica Hearne -b- 1999   Lauren Baily --b- 2007
               Francis Raymond Barlow (AKA) Raymond - b- 1952 -m-. Pamela Alders
                                          Issue :Nicole Barlow, Marie Barlow  

              William  Francis(Frank)  -B-1884 -d- 11/06/1964  -m- Emily Elvana Rogers -d- 15/06/1958      
                               Issue:      William (Billy) -m- Thelma
                                                     Issue:      Billy Jnr.
                               Issue:      Thora Olive - M - Henry (Harry) James Day -b- 1907
                                                     Issue:  Stanley Francis -m- Robyn Margaret Harriott
           -m- 1962 div. 1971
Issue: Sharon Margaret Day -b- 24/08/1962 -d- 27/08/ 1962
                                                     Issue:  Elaine
                               Issue:      Verna - m - Marie
                                                      Issue; unknown
                               Issue:      Dorothy (Dotty) -m- "Chicka"  Staples
                                                      Issue: Joan , Terry & Ricky
Alfred  -B-  1867 -d- 1915  -m- 1889  Lydia Pringle
                               Issue:  Hazel -b-1890 -m- George Morrison 1914                                                             Issue:  Horace -b-.1891 -m- Margaret Cowney  1923
George (1878-1951) son of Adam Donnison Barlow (b.18/07/1842)
-m- Mary Ethel Larcombe (1886-1950)

         Issue: Matilda -b- 1905 Durran Durra  -d-  1905

         Issue: Lorna May -b-1906 -m - (1) Robert (Bob) Brown
           -m- (2) Harold Young -d-1986 Braidwood

         Issue: Ernest George -b-31/05/1908 -d- 6/03/1949 -m- 23/03/1936 Alice Eleanor Sutherland                    McIntosh -b-.23/03/1913-d-10/10/1999

                 Issue:Colin George  -b- 25/04/1938 -m- 14/06/1958 Valda Janice Sheather

                                Issue: Jill Alison -b- 26/09/1958 -m- 02/08/1980
                                   -m-: Richard Clarke -b- 11/03/1958
                                          Issue  Aaron Richard  b 01/10/1981

                                          Issue  Luke Adam -b- 09/10/1983
                                    -m- 21/11/2008 Koco Young -b- 29/02/1984
                                                 Issue: Josh James -b-14/08/2011
                                                 Issue: Reece Noah 16/04/2013
    Issue: Jay Vin -b-05/11/2014

                                    Issue: Thomas William 18/01/1989
                                    -m- Nicky Webb  5/3/2011
                                           Issue: Heidi Jane -b- 09/08/2013
Issue: Colton Noel -b- 07/10/2014

                            Issue: Patrick James -b- 19/12/1990

                            Issue:   Brett Andrew --b-23/04/1961 -m- 03/09/1983
Lynelle Ann McCarron b.04/09/1961
                                                    Issue   Adam Marshall -b-13/09/1985
                                                    Issue:  Andrew Thomas-b- 10/09/1987
                                                    Issue:  Campbell McCarron -b-03/06/1990
   -m-: 05/04/2019 Sarah Harris - 31/07/1991
                                                                 Issue: William Nicholas Barlow -b- 10/05/2017
     Issue: Charles George Barlow -b- 24/08/2015
                                                    Issue:  Darcy Ross -b-13/04/1993 -
                                                              -m-: 12/12/2015 Courtney Cheyanne Dowse -b-    19/11/1990
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            Issue: Charlotte Rose - b - 12/04/2017
Issue: Gabriel Brett - b - 18/09/2020

                            Issue: Lisa Margaret  -b-08/09/1965  -m-:06/09/1986
                              Ian Pearson b.15/12/1955 (UK)-d- 04/08/1990                                                            Issue:  Christopher Andrew-b- 08/02/1987                                                                                  Issue:  Matthew James -b- 25/04/1989 -m-:
       Bobbie Lee Blowes 05/11/2011-b- 15/03/1983
    Issue: Ruby Anne 27/08/2011
     Issue: Blake
         Issue: Sarah Elizabeth Barlow-b-11/09/1990
-m- 01/10/2016 Lewis Crothers      _

          Issue:      Ross Ernest  O.A.M -b- 21/06/1939 (bachelor) -d-30/10/2017

          Issue:      Beverley Alice-b-11/02/1944  -m- 06/04/1968
Neville John Sharman-b-12/10/40 -d- 30/06/2012
                                          Issue: Paul Frederick  b.24/12/1971
                                                   (1) -m- 26/10/1996 Amanda Bithell
                                                   (2). Fiona Young -b-19/05/67
                                                       Issue: Jessica Elizabeth -b-19/04/05
                                                       Issue: Monique Mary-Alice -b- 26/10/07

                                          Issue:    David Ernest  -b- 14/08/1974
                                                       -m- 04/11/06 Song Wha Kim (nee Ashcroft)-b-08/02/82
                                                       Issue: Taj Nev -b- 09/09/08
                                                       Issue   Lily Elizabeth -b- 28/07/10

          Issue:      Jill Mary-b- 27/01/1946 -d-10/12/1946 (11 months)  Braidwood
          Issue:      Kelvin Alexander -b-17/09/1948  (bachelor)      

Gladys Dinah      -b-17/06/1910-m-10/06/1933 William Oakes -d-14/01/1969
                         -d-13/04/1974  Braidwood

Joyce Elizabeth   -b-11/06/1912 -d- 1993 Goulburn -d-29/01/1993
                         -m-03/07/1935  William Thomas Hockey 

          Issue    Joan Mary-b-09/03/1936 -m- 27/11/66 Alan Henry
                          Issue   Corey Alan -b-. 03/02/70 (adopted)
                          Issue:  Natasha -b- 30/06/71 (adopted)
                                         -m-10/09/94 Barry  Welch
   Issue: Bronte Alexis b. 31/03/03
                                                Issue: Zachary Allan -b-.27/01/96
                                                Issue: Dominic Robert -b-03/06/98

          Issue:      Graham William -b- 10/04/1943 -d-18/10/2009
                            16/3/63  -m- Zelma Backhouse  B. 10/04/1943                                                                                                                                   
                             Issue       Steven Graham William -b- 20/08/1963
                                            -m-1992 Rachel Anne Hart, Nov.1992
                                             Issue:    Tiana  -b- 1/03/1997
                             Issue       Brendan Paul -b- 19/11/1964
                                            -m- Helcha Drenth 18/08/1995
                                                  Issue:   Jediah -b- 11/02/1997  
                                                  Issue: Emmet  -b- 16/02/1999                                                    Issue       Adrian -b- 24/06/1969
                                            -m- Rachael Jane Anderson 8/01/2000
                                                  Issue  Jessica Kate -b-19/06/1998 
                                                  Issue: Mitchell Graham  -b- 8/07/2000

Walter William     -b-  17/04/1914 -d- 31/03/1981-m-05/07/1939 Rita Maria Jane Bale -b-15/04/1915
                        -d-25/08/2004 Braidwood                      
         Issue: Lola Mae-b-28/01/1944 -m- 06/01/1968 John Clarke
                        Issue : Christopher William  -b- 17/04/1966
                                   -m- Kerry Lawrence 19/01/1990
                                    Issue: Daniel Scott -b- 16/08/1992
                                    Issue:Shannen Brianna -b- 29/01/1994
                        Issue : Kelly Jane B 15/08/1968
                        Issue : Damien John -b-19/02/1973
                                  -m- Melanie Matthews 31/06/1994
                                    Issue : Dylan Joshua -b- 5/03/2002                                    
                                    Issue:  Alyssa Courtney -b- 19/04/2004

        Issue :      Sally Ethel  -b- 21/11/1950-m- 16/05/1970
                             Graham  John Gourlay -b- 22/11/1948
                             -d-26/07/2008 (Graham)
                                     Issue:  Peter John -b- 22/05/1973 (adopted)
                                                Issue:  Patty -b- 15/10/1993

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